The SC-Upstate Pagan Pride Day 2014 Vendor Application

Mail to: The SC-Upstate Pagan Pride Council 2011 Driftwood Way Anderson, SC 29625

Date of Event: Saturday, October 18th 2014 @ the Greenville Unitarian Universalist Fellowship @ 1135 State Park Rd. Greenville , SC 29609
Vendor Registration Deadline: Sunday, September 28th 2014 ***We will be limiting vendor space this year so all vendor spots are first come- first served.

We also reserve the right to limit the amount of vendors for each category of goods/services

Name of Vendor/ Business (please type or print clearly )

Business Address:

City: ____________________________ State : ___________ Zip: ______________

E-Mail: ___________________________________________________@______________._____ Website:____________________________________

Business Phone: (   ) __________________ Home Phone: (   ) ______________

Alternate Phone: (   ) _________________________________

Type of Business/Service: _________________________________________________________________________

________________________________________________________________________ License & Permit #s if serving food

_________________________________________________________________________ Brief Description of Items/Services to be sold:




*Number of Spaces required?  _________________ (spaces will be approx 10x10) * $30 each (up front to reserve space in event) Plus, one item/service equal to $20 due on morning of event.


Please initial on the line before each term of agreement and sign at the bottom of the page to insure that you the vendor have read and agree to the terms of this contract:

_______You will be able to set up your booth at 8 am on Saturday, October 18th. Canopies, Tables, chairs or any other items that you will need are the sole responsibility of you, the vendor. There is no electric at this event and it is also totally outside on the property. If you are a food vendor you will have to be self contained, licensed, insured and have a DHEC permit. We will not be using the building what so ever. Vendors must be set up and ready by 9:55 am on event day. Booths must stay open for the duration of the event unless a natural or unnatural disaster occurs. This application becomes a contract once signed and when an acknowledgment is sent back, via email and/or regular mail. Please do not assume just because you have sent an application that you have been accepted to vend at our event. All applications are subject to approval.

_______ Participation in this event in no way guarantees that a vendor will make any said amount of money and there will be no refunds of space rental fee for poor sales. Participation in this event is at your own risk.

_______Applications are due back to The SC-Upstate Pagan Pride Council No later than, Sunday, September 28th 2013. Mail applications and fees to: 2011 Driftwood Way Anderson , SC 29625 . Email at Refund of rental will not be granted after 7 days of receipt

_______ Checks & Money Orders are to be made payable to The SC-Upstate Pagan Pride Council. There will be a fee charged to you if your check bounces. Whatever the bank charges us will be charged back to you. Only vendors whose fees cleared through our bank will be approved for a spot at The SC- Upstate Pagan Pride Day. You can go to our website as well and pay by pay pal (just make sure you alert us to who you are and what your pay pal payment is going towards. We have several donations made through our pay pal account as well, so if you do not alert us we will assume that it was just simply a donation, Thank You) Our web address is

______The Coordinators of The SC-Upstate Pagan Pride Day, The SC-Upstate Pagan Pride Council, any volunteers as well as the property owners and/or the Greenville Unitarian Universalist Fellowship will not be held responsible in the case of inclement weather, vandalism, injury, theft, loss or damage of any kind. Merchant insurance is highly recommended.

______ The Coordinators of The SC-Upstate Pagan Pride Day, The SC-Upstate Pagan Pride Council, any volunteers as well as the property owners and/or the Greenville Unitarian Universalist Fellowship will not be held liable to any customer for any merchandise purchased by any vendor at event. If customer complaints arise and or action is to be taken about, any said merchandise or food item, customer will be directed to the vendor responsible for selling said merchandise. Vendors are solely responsible for the products they sell.

______All vendors will be required to donate an item or service to The SC-Upstate Pagan Pride Day (as stated above) for the amount equal to $20 or higher. To be used in an auction. All the proceeds will go to pay for the event and future SC-Upstate PPD Events. This donation will be due on the morning of the event.

______ The Vendors fee will also cover the insertion of your information into the program that will be available on the day of the event and a listing in the vendor section of our website.

Vendors legal name ( type or print clearly )


 Vendors legal Signature: __________________________________________________________Date: ________________
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